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nootiz is the tool for fast, clear communication in your web projects. Whether you are a customer, a designer or a developer,  you can leave notes directly on the website. Clearly laid out and efficient - get straight to the point and give feedback on the spot!

(no credit card required)
(no credit card required)

Clear statements.

Address the issues that matter - and don’t talk at cross purposes. What needs to be done on your website? Comment, revise, delegate it immediately to the unit you want - and get straight to the right person. With nootiz you can give clear, direct feedback, and your responses will be transparent and easy to understand. Meaning that nothing gets in the way of the task at hand.


It works. Everywhere.

Not only does nootiz bring people together, but also technology. So there’s no need to worry about which browser, platform or device you should use for your project, because nootiz works with them all. You can use nootiz on all local, staging or live websites without difficulty - be it on your desktop, notebook or smartphone.


Not(e) alone – work together

Customers, designers, developers, project managers, copywriters, translators - with nootiz everyone can pull in the same direction. Each team member can express their views with a personal note - and share them with the whole team at the same time. In the end, you are all contributing to the same goal: your joint project.

Let your customers make their voices heard: with nootiz they can express their wishes and views directly on their own website. By invitation, customers can become valuable team members.
Oh no! Is something not where it should be? Simply highlight it and the note will be passed on to your fellow team members. Ideal for perfectionists who like to get to the crux of the matter.
Spare the uninformed: each note provides the exact technical information on the operating system, browser and solution. Onerous follow-ups are a thing of the past.
Project Managers
Keep track of everything at once. Create the project, invite your team, and get making notes. You coordinate the feedback from all participants in a single tool and at the same time maintain an overview of every change in the project.
nootiz instead of Word: You can highlight and correct every text element (letters, words or entire sentences) directly on the website. Getting in, out and on with things has never been so easy!
Right in the middle: immediately place translations, using notes, in the right location. With nootiz, your texts make it directly to the website quickly and easily.

Save time and effort.

Your note is visible and exactly where you need it to be. Automatically connect nootiz to your project management tool so that the most important project updates are visible everywhere. Isn’t your tool compatible with nootiz yet? Noo way! Only joking! Just let us know.


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