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nootiz is visual feedback

The todo list and bug tracking tool for your live website

... and namely twofold: object selection and text selection. You don’t need anything else in order to voice requests for changes on your website, to make corrections or simply add your two cents’ worth - jointly with your team.


Quick and easy

Your advantages with nootiz

  • Ask or answer by comment
  • Attach a file to your note
  • Specify who needs to deal with your note
  • Immediately informed, with browser push notifications
  • Edit the note then it will be archived
  • All developer information at a glance
  • Get a daily summary by mail


The most important technical information at a glance

Developers love nootiz. Every note provides you with the essential technical information to enable you to analyse user feedback directly using your digital expertise. You will immediately receive all the information you need on the browser, operating system and viewport, without even having to ask the user for a URL.

Solutions without stress. You can see immediately how big the note-writer's viewport is. This saves you from having to go back to the user and ask, and you can get on with what matters.
From Chrome to Safari: no matter which wave somebody is surfing, nootiz comes along for the ride. With every note, you can immediately see the browser version that your colleague is currently using. So you know right away where the problem lies.
Operating System
Windows? macOS? Linux? Each to his own. All that matters for you is which OS they are using. nootiz shows you automatically with every note.
Not needed. Every note takes you immediately to the right place on the website. nootiz likes things simple. Hopefully you do too!

Click and clear

Invite your project team to nootiz

The back end for webmasters with an overview Invite project members by link. With a single click they become nootiz users without needing to register or log in. The uncomplicated way of collecting the team’s feedback in your web project.


Copy and off you go!

Integrate the embedding code and get started

How do you get nootiz on your website? It’s quick and easy! Just copy a code snippet in your website and in less than one minute nootiz is good to go. Works on all browsers, websites and terminals.

You can also use our browser extension for Google Chrome. You can start directly without any embed code. Click here to go to the Google Chrome Store.


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