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Try nootiz now for 30 days free of charge with our test version. If you like nootiz, we look forward to continuing to work with you.

Frequently asked questions

Is that all clear? Here are the most common questions that others have posed about nootiz. You might be able to find an answer to your question here. Still not sure? Then get in touch with us directly and we will be pleased to help.

Do I need to install nootiz?

If you want to use nootiz on your website, you will simply receive a line of JavaScript code from us that you need to add to your website source code. All other nootiz users will be sent an invitation by email and can get started immediately.

You can also use our browser extension for Google Chrome. You can start directly without any embed code. Click here to go to the Google Chrome Store.

Which browsers support nootiz?

nootiz is currently supported by all modern browsers, from the following versions:

  • Chrome 67
  • Edge 80
  • Firefox 63
  • Opera 54
  • Safari 11.1
  • Samsung Browser
Does nootiz also work on mobile devices?

Simply yes! nootiz works with all modern browsers.

How can I test nootiz for free?

nootiz is free for 30 days, unlimited and with all functions. Just register by email.
After the trial period you can choose the package that suits you, but only if you want to. You will be under no obligation throughout the trial period and you do not need to give notice.

What does nootiz cost?

There are three different nootiz packages:

  • Team for 8,33 € per month
  • Agency for 16,66 € per month
  • Company for 24,99 € per month
  • Enterprise (unlimited) on request

All prices are charged in advance as a yearly sum. You can use nootiz but also monthly. The following prices apply:

  • Team for 9,99 € per month
  • Agency for 19,99 € per month
  • Company for 29,99 € per month
  • Enterprise (unlimited) on request

For all nootiz users from the EU internal market providing a valid VAT identification number we will produce an invoice showing the amount of VAT payable.

How can I pay?

A credit card is needed for payment, which will be charged with the annual or monthly price for your subscription.

How do I terminate my nootiz subscription?

Your nootiz subscription begins after the first payment has been processed and runs for one year or for one month. If you no longer wish to use nootiz, you can terminate your subscription at any time with just a few clicks before it is renewed. If you have any questions you can contact our customer support team.
If you terminate your subscription you can continue to use nootiz until the end of the term.

How can I change my nootiz subscription?

You think nootiz is as great as we do and want more of it? No problem! You can upgrade your nootiz subscription at any time during the term. It is only possible to downgrade when you renew your subscription.

How is my nootiz subscription extended?

Your nootiz subscription renews automatically at the end of the term for a further year or month (does not apply to the 60-day trial period).

Can every visitor to my website leave feedback with nootiz?

No. nootiz is only visible to invited users and only with an invitation can you leave feedback on the website. All other visitors don't notice and you and your team can work in the background on improving your website.

What data does nootiz store?

We use data storage very carefully and only store things that contribute to the sensible use and function of nootiz. We store the following information:

  • At login: browser used
  • When an note is created: browser used, operating system, size of browser viewport and zoom level used
Where is my data stored?

All your data will be stored in a secure data center in Germany and will be processed according to the applicable data protection regulations (DSGVO).

Do you have more questions or requests? Simply get in touch.